"A little about me"

I started a six year apprenticeship when I was fifteeen. It was with the most prestigious firm of manufacturing jewellers in "Hatton Garden" the jewellery centre in London. The founder of the company came to London from Russia after serving his time as a master craftsman with the house of Faberge. I started my own business when I was twenty one and went on to open four retail shops, and eventually had to close them after having armed robberies, in 1991 the last one had to close due to redevelopment of the area.

I decided to take the oportunity to develop my dream and passion for making works of art (and of course hand made jewellery) so I established a studio/workshop at home. I wanted to make exclusive pieces using gold, silver and bronze and incorporating precious stones, Diamonds,Sapphires and Emeralds etc, and also using mineral stones and rocks. So now I mainly work for private people designing exclusive pieces and fine jewellery. So on this website you will see exsamples of my work. If you would like something designed exclusively for you, then 
please contact me.