Jewellery Designing

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Let me design jewellery for you, I dont charge for the designing only the finished piece. I work with you untill we establish a design that you are happy with.

       How I work; First we establish what it is that you want, a ring, earrings, pendant etc. Most of my clients come to me from recomendations and because I literarly make the jewellery myself at trade prices. Because I work from my home  I dont have the overheads of a retail shop. I will then ask you for your budget, it is no point me designing something that is more than you want to spend.

   When we establish a design that we both like, if the design has stones ie diamonds etc, then I will get the stones and lay them out on wax so that you can see near enough what the piece will look like. If you are then happy to go ahead I will ask you for a deposit  and then when the piece is finished you pay the balance.  If you decide not to go ahead and order then it cost you nothing. Thats all there is to it.